Voka Gentle
Posted: 7 February, 2018
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Voka Gentle are Imogen Mason, Ellie Mason and William J. Stokes. The band changed their name from Wovoka Gentle shortly before the release of they’re second album’ Writhing’. Wovoka Gentle started their journey in Edinburgh, where Imogen...
Juanita Stein
Posted: 6 April, 2017
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JUANITA STEIN – “SNAPSHOT”. OUT NOW “It feels fundamental to understanding the devastation and eerie silence thrust upon us after his sudden death,” begins the Brighton-based, Australian songwriter Juanita Stein, discussing the moment of great sadness that...
Malcolm Middleton
Posted: 17 November, 2016
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Through its electronic pop sheen, Summer of ’13 sees Malcolm Middleton heading in a clearly defined, new direction. His first album for seven years and the sixth solo album from the ex-Arab Strapper, is set for release...
Lou Rhodes
Posted: 15 November, 2016
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Lou Rhodes’ fourth solo album defies categorisation. Yes, there are elements of the singer-songwriter roots she bathed in growing up but these are embroidered with a rich palette of stark piano, vocal layering, transcendent harp and strings...
Posted: 13 November, 2016
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When Stina Tweeddale got home after two years on the road touring Honeyblood’s second album ‘Babes Never Die’ (2016) something terrifying happened. She was haunted. Every night when she went to bed in her own house in...
Charlotte Hatherley
Posted: 11 November, 2016
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A professional musician from the age of fourteen, Charlotte Hatherley first grabbed public attention two years into her career when she joined multimillion album-selling Irish rockers Ash, supplying guitar and vocals. Her decade with the band, their...
Broken Records
Posted: 10 November, 2016
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Edinburgh based Broken Records formed at the end of 2006. They’ve previously released two acclaimed albums on 4AD, Until The Earth Begins To Part (2009) and Let Me Come Home (2010). After some time off they returned...