Last year, Juanita Stein supported The Killers on their huge arena tour, and it’s clearly sparked a fruitful working relationship. The singer is releasing her second solo album ‘Until The Lights Fade’ on 31st August, and we’ve got the first play of its lead single ‘Forgiver’, co-written and produced by none other than Brandon Flowers.

A propulsive, driving cut, the track takes the sepia-tinged songwriting we’ve come to see from the singer taken to punchier, gutsier places. It’s a suit that fits perfectly.

Speaking of the new album, coming less than a year after the former Howling Bells vocalist’s debut solo record ‘America’, Juanita says: “I feel like the two albums are different sides of the same coin. If ‘America’ was the starting point of a journey – the musical equivalent of me spreading my wings, but also treading carefully, trying to figure myself out having come from such an intense period of camaraderie in the band – then this record is me starting to gain a bit more traction, feeling more confident in where I’m coming from and what it is I’m doing.”

Juanita Stein is currently supporting Bryan Ferry on his huge UK tour this month, before playing a slew of summer festivals, and linking up with The Killers once again for two shows in Finland and Luxembourg.

Listen to ‘Forgiver’ above .