New signing Juanita Stein gears up for summer release

We are pleased to announce the signing of Howling Bells singer Juanita Stein to  Nude .

Juanita’s  debut album was recorded in LA & is set for a summer release here,  preceded & accompanied by a very cool Texan road movie  for the song  ‘DarkHorse’ .

Says Stein of the album:

“This record is an ode to the dark heart of America. Of times gone and times to come. Dusty trails, a whimsical 50s suburbia and the haze of the 1960s. I’ve forever idealised American life – growing up in Australia we were fed the American dream through film and television. The dichotomy between what was real and a dream is forever intriguing to me <<do you want to add here “now, more than ever”, or words to that effect? or would that be over-labouring a point??>> . The music of Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield, Lee and Nancy and Patsy Cline all informed my musical sensibilities. They opened up this wide screen universe for me.”